So I thought it was cool coming across old writing from 2007-2009.. But even more cool to find old poems fr when I was a teenager this was written just one year after the trade center was attacked.

This one written a year after 9/11

Its now a year later
It started out just an ordinary day,
And suddenly became a day of dismay.

Planes crashed, buildings destroyed
Something happened we couldn’t avoid .

Innocent lives were taken,
The whole country shaken.

It was a day of sadness and a day of tears,
While we stood in shock another country cheers.

How could someone to this to the land of the free,
A question we ask as we stare at the debris.

It’s now a year later and the nation still mourns
A group of terrorist the nation scorns.

Our flags will fly high, we shall overcome
On nation under god we have truly be one

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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