I sit here and “I loved her first” by heartland came on.. 45 seconds in I about lost it.. thinking of dad and Is dance at my wedding.. me at 24 and him still asking if I want to stand on his feet as I did when WAY younger! Wondering if fathers day is contributing to my now on 6 beers before 5.. not wanting to be selfish to those who are less fortunate. . Men who want to see kids but mothers wont let then and well even vice versa… kids who have no dads.. I was there once not having or knowing my father until I was adopted.. I changed the song… and got out a ‘GIDNER’ Frame given to me.. by my mom day before her wedding.. I was last there was but never filled it.. before because it would have not been allowed in plain view just like all my family.. it had to be hidden.. 😦
Okay more tears in beer drinking to numb..

Too all yiu dads who aee more than and even fathers when you cant see your kids.. to the no one who was a dad when no one would.. and the first love of my life, MY DAD, happy fathers day! I WROTE HIM A POEM.. it was his prayer card at his funeral.. and he knew anyone could be a dad.. it takes a real man to be a father.. especially when their not yours.. RIP.

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Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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