Crashing around me..

As the song goes “The tears dont fall, they crash around me” Ive written most of the day its what I do….
I can sit not blink or even when I close my eyes, they fall.. Im tired of this battle.. how does someone take 7 pills in the morning and 5 at night and still be imbalanced… they were all working and as the dr said some level lowered.. so a new med to balance it.. I dont have time to wait for it to work.. it affecting everything.. it used to be put myself in a quiet zone even when people were around put on music and just go somewhere in my mind even thats not working.. I think of happy things, redirect to memories from a child to the present… my fight in this battle… I believe some one took my swords… Ive gone from Dana Princess warrior/Sunshine Ninja to this weak woman… for no reason.. do I deserve this.. is it some voodoo shit placed on me.. It cant be god testing my strength.. I think even he has ran for the hills.  I WANNA JUST HIDE UNTIL THIS PASSES.. IT WILL IN TIME.. BUT I DONT HAVE TIME.. PEOPLE NEED ME.. I NEED ME.. THE REAL ME. WHY WAS I CHOSEN FOR THIS.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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