Step away from the ledge.

Standing on the ledge,
She looks down at the ground.

Life has her on the down slope
She feels lost like she cant be found.

Shes ready to jump as people around
Standing at the window, talking her in.

Please step away from the ledge,
Its not time to give in.

The police and fireman
Are down below.

Like a kite that lost its wind,
Downward she would flow.

Shes standing on the ledge,
Depression eating within.

She still standing on the ledge,
Is she going to let it win?

She stands there hopeless,
Feeling helpless.

Every little thing
Causing more stress.

She knows shes
being selfish.

As she still stares down,
Her body delling lifeless.

She thinks of all her loved ones,
Looks back at the window.

Walking the ledge,
She finds open window.

Its not her time,
She must not feel defeat.

She has to let it pass,
Stand back up on her feet.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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