My Fears

So many fears fill me…
Abandonment or withdrawl from those I need the most to keep me alive right now. Been there even with people still physically there.. they could not help or save me and backed off I was just a body and a caregiver.

Fear no one will ever want me. I Dont need a partner but its nice.

Fear my ultimate low of illness that I cant handle people are getting tirednoff cant blame em.. I dont want this.. know it brings other down

Fear of giving time for meds to work.. Im running out of time, Ive run out of hope, ive wanted to take the easy wa by out but k now everyone would hurt more than are now.. but hey no mre worry for them.

Fear of succusses if an action plan is set up

Fear of myself, of taking my life

Fear of others Im affecting.. know they are at wits end

Fear of failure

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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