Hello family, friends, stalkers and the indifferent judgementalist.
SO today I noticed I have 7 followers. MY biggest supporter and fan being my Uncle Kenny, my dads brother. He is the one I spoke of during my rough time of adjusting to lfe and meds that I swore had received some sort of sign to check on me, to distrac me as dad would do. Although we may not KNOW each other in person.. the Gidner love is all the same.

Some may be wondering how Im doing.. well today I got a sleepng pill added as Im having an insomnia spurt.. 2 hours sleep a night jst aint enough beauty rest. I see doctor on August 10th to go over my medications and current status. I have come to the realization once again.. this is not who I am but what I am.. I cant change it or fix it no matter how hard I try. But, I can try to trust the doctors t support me help me and fix me.

AFTER nearly two months of isolation aside from work I got out Monday to a online friends softball game. Met him for the first time.Good People.  My job has been more than understanding even yesterday when exhaustion knocked me down. Tonight I work from home.  IM working on my smoking and drinking and a path to recovery. I admit.. I have a thinking problem.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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