A purpose

That was my answer, as my worried aunt has not heard from me in a while, asked if I needed anything.  I once saw so much purpose to live. School, work, family, me.. this has gotten so bad there is no work, school, exercise… I have an important walk coming up and I cant even focus on that.
groups are draining me and after that I dont want to talk to anyone. I have no motivation for anything.  I cant get myself up to walk, shape box or anything. This week I come home and just sleep then through the night have nightmares so dont sleep well. I have lost all self esteem in the past month. Lost all strength and fight.   All the things I held well over the past nearly a year.  Now I sit and reflect, isolate, beat myself up and ask why Im still here.. what is my new purpose? God kept me alive for a reason.. was it to let me be tortured with all of this, a test of what I can handle? Why is it getting harder and not easier to face the days.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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