As much as my fear for psychiatrists due to misdiagnosis in the past I started a new one.. you know your a mess when you even stump the doctor.  He has now been the 4th doctor to defiantly rule out bipolar.  He thinks my antidepressant may be too high and my anxiety, currently untreated needs to be treated. So MDD and anxiety remain.  I just hope he can help fix this. I CANT LIVE THIS WAY ANYMORE. Said today I was very unexpressive and withdrawn.  Explained there’s two ways to treat it.. depression or bipolar.. and he can’t treat what I’m not.  I cried finally showing expression. Im tired, still in group until tuesday witj a new therapist starting Friday. . All these changes, havimg to trust new people with my life. I have grown to trust no one.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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