Never forget

You never forget your first true love. They will always have a piece of your broken heart as I told a girl in group. She was being manipulated and emotionally abised, not realizimg until ahe ralked and got feedback.
So I told a stpry of a woman I used to know
    He was the love of here whole lofe.. she had purpose she had Identity. She was herself even when he didn’t like it. First true loves are hard to find. But she found it.. she found she could think of a future life, dreams, a family, stability.  Then It all came crumbling. He had changed, he became abusive in different ways. He couldnt love her because she was ill. It was ruining him. So she saved him.. shattering her dreams at his expense so he disnt have to see her as she got worse.  As she got where she is today. Now she is worse off, numb, isolated, trusting no one and fear of getting close to anyone. Evedything she was herself, not because of him as he thinks is deadened.  Shes no longer social, has excluded all friendships, isolating family out with the only 3 that are really there for her.  HER HEART HURTS.   her mind racing. She can never go back she’s tried before. Shes been accused of things she wpuld never do like cheating, being a whore, being unstable, unable to be a mother.. he even pursued the talk of kids in the beginning.. she started to see that possible with him.. after a break up told he only said it because he thought ahe wanted it.. it hadmt crossed her mind prior.. knowing he said he disnt even want to have the ones he had that she mothered as her own.. and so much more. And being the love of her life this all is stuck in her. She will never get over it. She will nevsr try on her dreams.. when someone you give so much to plants this stuff.. and you confide in them.. you don’t go much further. So now I wonder what is there to live for with all of the dreams dead?image
  Funny how I hear these same stories in therapy.. that intrigue me to write it out

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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