Let me out, set me free

I need out of so many things in life, depression, people, things. I spent 18 hours in bed couldnt get out of the depression that took over.  Alone. Now I sit here alone telling myself to go – get out – go for a drive like I used to, go to the cemetary, do solitary things.. but I can’t walk outsi de the door the furthest I make it is my patio. Filling out paperwork for therapist I start seeing next week “what  brigs you here” answer: I’m a mess.. just a person taking up space. I’ve gotten to where it takes all I have to do self care.. get up, shower.. I haven’t ate in 2 days.. I guess Ill lay and play bouncu seed haven’t played in a year and keep pandora going.. but so much of me wanta to go back to bed.

Its only a little pain
It’ll be gone in a couple days
Or mabe a life or two

Its only my poor heart
Just that little thing torn apart
It ain’t no new headlines

I wish I could turn back time
To when was just a child
Teach a few things
About love
Its okay if your gonna give up
But there’s a way to leave someone

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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