Edgy and irritable

Maybe its the depression, maybe its life, maybe ita just me. I’m edgy and irritable, anxious and everything is hurting me emotionally and mentally. Why do I have to live this way? Ehy can’t I be better? Why can’t my meds work? What have I done ao wrong in life to have to live thus way. I can’t docus on day to day tasks. I wany to stuy in bed. I want everyone to leave me alone where I belong. No one deserves to have to see me this way. Why must I hurt myself leading to now infections and bandages?

Wednesday can’t get here fast enough to see the doctor.. edgy, irritable, frustrated and just feel safer to seclude to the bed and stay there. Hate this feeling. Thursday and Friday took its toll on me with getting back to work.. all the things new therapist got out of me in just an hour.. crying and some other things that went on. WHY do I have to be this way?

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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