Just having a rough day and week…

Theapy yesterday.. psych today… these are draining me… More med changes.. increased my antidepressant that he decreased, added another anxiety pill since has me scratching until I draw blood on bad attacks.. and changed seroquel to an extended release.. wish me luck.. the last one 3 weeks ago has made me go lower, more irritable and anxious.. I just hope they find a regimen quick. Im tired and not dealing well personally with elweight gain… she asked on scale 1-10.. 10 being suicidal what my depression was today and I said 8. 😦 I’m tired of this.. I told my therapist I feel so many emotions but mostly that tye attekp killed all of me and left a shell to face the consequences.. she said I also have fear because I know I have tried it and capable of it and it happening again…

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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