Take away her pain.. deep rooted pain.

Licking cat his wounds. She spends the day in pain trying to reflect on what happened. Told she stopped texting for about 40 minutes. She can’take out a time frame.  But the next morning she can really see the damage. Blood was everywhere in the civered bandage.. she pulls herself up weak in her midsection. Off to clean the woulds led by disassociation.  She didn’t feel it then she had numbed herself as she cried and dry heaved. Head was pounding. To see the blood she sees she’s human.. but gow and why. How did she get the new blade? When did it all begin. Dripping blood broufht it to an end.
Her mom helps her research how to stol but these people know they are doing it.. I do not.tears fill my eyes as the anger for my mind, the sadness of devestation to my mother and one other I confide in. Even though asked if planned.. both told to research to understand. Something never done in the past.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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