Fake it till you make it.. sigh but I’m doing good.. the lets “work on you getting sleep” yeah doc.. 2 hours wake u p take another pill then say screw it and the cat and I hit the nip

Pill thing was empty so didn’t know what day it was.. looked at day.. they were empty too.. I’ve had to go to a pill organizer because I can’t remember when took pills.. even at that one day I took night at day..
But Instead of just being like okay just get the pills from the bottle I stood there more confused on the day and what to do..
And then.. go in cabinet below to grab bag of pills and found a cat..
Im well played on the mask behind the keyboard.. but I really wanna just cry as I look at my arm.. feel my torso burn.. and the cats meowing.. what’s wrong mom.. alone I sit..music going.. too tired to fall asleep.. I miss ME!
Hell I’m alone.. my time rhe best time to cry but aim all cried out..


I want this person back.. this was taken when I lived with grandma.. nice weight before meds and depression took over tongue sticking oit and just the silly me.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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