Poem: lonely

The silence fills the air
Two people in a room.

Both say nothing
So I sit and assume.

It was agreed in therapy
i be alone today.

I guess even with a body here
My wish granted away.

I cant take the tension,
The stress the do no right.

And yet I still sit here
Holding on, putting ip a fight.

Making scrifices, respecting
and giving in.

In the end i lose control
And they win.

I sit here with a body in the
room but feel so alone.

My wish granted,
As the pain hits to the bone.

No support, one with insecurities
One full of depression.

Forced to shut out friends
But my ultimate decision.

Its called listening and
respecting others feeling.

But Im never gonna be
on a road of healing.

Im alone, I’m empty,
Im damned if i do or dont.

Trying to fight this fight,
A win is something that wont

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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