Poem: the fight

The heart pumps
the blood.

The same blood
my cuts flood.

Putting up a long
Hard fight.

To feel my heart
just get tight.

Giving in to make
things work.

But in the end i do
No right, Im the jerk.

Giving im to all i am,
losing all self control,

Fighting a fight, sacrificing
Just to make something whole.

Losing whether I do right
Respect, or just stay wrong.

I cant take this road I’m
On, its too long.

The the holidays are
Hard enough on me.

I have to just let it
Be what its gonna be.

Stop fighting so hard,
Let it take its course.

But even that makes
Things even worse.

I feel the pain not yet
Extinguished by the punisher.

I cant stop it,
There is no extinguisher.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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