A way to start the day…

But hopefully I got lucky.. After being at work for 7 hours I went outside to smoke and I find this:

2014-05-15 12.14.55 2014-05-15 12.14.47 2014-05-15 12.14.47





My boss came out and looked at it, as I couldn’t tell if it punctured the tire, but it has been sitting and lost no air, so I chanced it and told him to go ahead and pull the nail out.. You could see and feel it in the sidewall of the tire. It was a good inch in the tire as well.  So he went ahead and pulled the nail out. It didn’t go flat immediately, and doesn’t appear to be losing air, nor has it all morning. So here’s to luck of hoping I don’t have a blow out.. especially on the way to therapy or I am going to need more than a therapist today. Here’s to prayers and my safety as I take off down the road now..

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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