Depression – strikes back

As we all know, Depression is not who we are, it is what we have as any other illness. It can be maintained with medications but that does not mean it is gone 100% and you will never have it in your life again.  Seems unfair right?  I believe so.  No one DESERVES the chemical imbalances that cause this to be a long term issue. Hell no one deserves situational depression that hits for a period of time and never returns. For instance a loved one lost, a job lost, the end of a relationship, etc. So as I sit and my depression tries to pop out its little head, I write. I am going through mine trying to pop back up due to some issues with weight that are due to illness, due to illness, due to so many tests and doctors.  I just want a break, I’m not super woman.



Depression begins
to strike again.
I can point to right
where it began.

Depression strikes
I find it hard to smile.
Tears want to fall to the
floor on this cold tile.

Illness is taking over,
doctors everywhere.
Test after test,
the answers unaware.

Depression strikes again
hopless and helpless you feel.
You know the copeing skills
and medicine is the deal.

But your life is at a stop,
you won’t let anyone in.
Not many can except depression
or illness and the state your in.

You’re hopless, you’re helpless
you don’t want anyone knowing
Then lashes of the illness and of
the past, all starts showing.

You hide your voice,
hide your head.
Each day coming,
not wanting out of bed.

Never knowing when the
worst will happen.
The disassociations,
your deepest assassin.


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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