When is ENOUGH really ENOUGH?

People say “when is enough, enough?”. If I have learned anything it never has been obviously in others eyes. You may be giving all you possibly can.. But, Its never enough. They want more, expect more, get upset when you aren’t able to give, etc.
For me right now, The only one I have to ask when enough is enough its though, I wish enough was enough with my health. Its getting worse and I am tired of it, tired of being sick tired of being tired, I’M JUST TIRED. Tired of all these doctors, tired of all these tests and still no answers. So they do deeper tests, more extent tests, tests for other things.. all while it is making my depression come back. I think about even my walking, I can’t jog anymore, I’m slowly gaining distance but at a very slow pace. I am unable to sleep at night, during the day I can not stay awake. If literally falling asleep at my desk and can not control it. So now my health affects my work.. That depresses me as well. I have ALWAYS had High standards for myself and the job I do. Whether in my work life or my personal life. To others in my life and learning to do the same for myself and not put 150% in others and 0% in me. Because even 150% IS not enough. I feel completely hopeless and helpless.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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