not a post I want to make…

but maybe if I write and talk to it, it will leave again.  The punisher, I tried so hard to keep him away.. I over did it even by walking 3miles but work has me so backed up that yesterday I hit overtime.  Having a heart sucks, my ex is back at it to please come home, his emial today told me that he kicked his daughter out and he needs to  have me see him face to face theres something he can’t say in emial and guilt guilt guilt.  I told him flat out We are done, over no going back, his damage has left scars beneath the skin, on top of the skin.  But those girls, I got keylee for him, me… the judges decision was based on asking me if I hAD ANY PLANS of leaving,.  Now he kicks her out back to her moms who was the first to push her out.  I feel its my fault had I just told the judge, wel what could I tell him neither parents are fit.  This heart sucks. Especially when I am in a good place I am doing well by myself. I am happy.  Even with all the stuff right now that has me down I keep pushing. Today I tried I used my skills to cope and then lost some time. I took a shower after my walk and it was at somepoint during that by my closet.. So I beat myself up mentally for breaking I am stronger than this he (the punish-er can not take me down this road again.)

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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