Its not me.. Its not who I am…

Just another thing to add to my list that I can see now I will be apologizing for to everyone, or not wanting anyone around.  With the new Epilepsy finding, I feel ashamed of what I know is not me but an illness or disease.  But for example at my moms, most of the time because of the episodes I spent a lot of it sleeping.  Curt’s mom even asked if i was okay.  
I know where this comes from where I feel I have to be sorry for not feeling good, and it took some time once away from that to even tell myself the same thing with my depression its not me, its not my fault. It is out of my control completely.
Aside from Isolation, I just have to find out who’s here and true and whose not to at least get me through the phase of being ashamed and where I can accept it.  Right now its all still pretty scary for me, as I am not sure all of what to look for or what to do. 

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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