You can’t do anything about them, whether they are surgery scars, cuts, a animal scratch, a tree branch or however else.

While my mom and I were walking Last Sunday morning we were talking. With me getting sun you can see everyone of them. A friend suggested a lace white ink design to cover. Im not talking one or two, i pretty much look like I got in a fight with a blender.

As we talked she explained to me that a scar she was ashamed of since I was little she recently came to terms with its there, its always going to be there, people are going to see it and ask questions. So best to do is don’t be ashamed . Hers was not self inflicted and she also has one from thyroid removal. And I paused and looked at her and said she was right. My scars are part of me forever. Theres a disease that caused it and I can not erase them or always hide them. Simple as that. I can still be beautiful on the inside and people who wish to will see my love and compassion to them being in my life..

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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