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I have become addicted and now I need more walls! I cant wait to get in a house. And now that I have a attorney working on my credit hopefully soon because a woman needs a bigger kitchen!


This puzzle has been with me since 2005. From afar it appears to be a face but up close is several nature scenes.


This baseball coat hanger was bought for me on my birthday by my friend Kim and her husband.


This was the first picture I bought for my place. It measures a good probably 5foot by 4foot.


The music speaks with the sun rays in the background was also a gift from Kim and Hector. It had my name written all over it.

The one below goes well with it.


If you know me, you know how I am about Marilyn Monroe! These are cool holographic pictures I couldn’t pass up.


And this one hangs right to the right of my front door so I see it when I leave.


These were given to me by a wonderful lady in New Zealand back in 2008. We still talk frequently


I cant NOT have a dart board.

There is also a wall dedicated to just family photos. I finally got to put out the matted frame that spells my last name and it has all photos of my dad and I. It was a gift to my mom years ago. When my dad passed and she was in a relationship and knew she would remarry, she gave it to me. It stayed in my truck from the year he passed in Feb. 2010 until I moved here in Feb. of 2012. Which being as my last name is on it there will not be a photo of that for safety reasons.

Then it moves on past the photos:


My frog collection which has grown.. And notice on the floor another picture to be hung that is the Chinese writing for happiness.

And for the last one, I started filling patron bottles with left over was from my wax burner and candles. My buddy, Rick, bought me three shot glasses with skulls. From san anton. Flordia and new orleans.. From there I just kept buying them when I saw them. Two Texas rangers were from my friend Charlie on my birthday, and a unicorn shot glass from Kim. When I saw Gary Allan last year I also bought two shot glasses there. Now its also novelty glasses.


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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