News hot off the phone..

Next Monday I am going to be admitted into the hospital for tests and monitoring.  Only I would have my first question of “can I bring my laptop to do work? As telling my mom about it, I said “there is a roll a way bed for family to stay, People can bring me food, And I can basically have visitors at anytime.  And then I paused.  Well shit I don’t have anyone (by choice of keeping everyone out) or  really in that area and don’t want people driving that far out. So, 3-4 days.. Thats enough time to make friends with people passing by.. I got this.
Maybe it will do me some good, not for the alone time hell I have plenty of that, but to get away even if it is in the hospital. I hate hospitals, Im already having anxiety over it.  The lady that called was very nice, very thorough and wanted to make sure any questions were answered and to put my mind at ease. She laughed when I told her being that time of the month AND I cant smoke could spark a poltergeist episode.
Wish me luck. Not sure I will do much here, but I will queue some things up to keep you guys entertained.

This morning I have seen and learned so much of people and character its ridiculous.  But I was dead on the spot.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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