The day after…

the day after I meet my enemy I forgot how bad it is. I dont want to speak to anyone so I do it to myself here. Even though its a dissociation I still get upset with myself. It hasnt been this bad in a while. As far as damage done. What did I do wrong to be punished, or was it done to show I am human and bleed like the rest. Either way, its got a hold of me today. Turned down walking with a friend this evening. Just want to lay down and sleep it off but I know its not a bad dream. Cant focus on work, even logged out earlier took a few klonopin and laid down. I am a good person, even when told I am not out of whatever reason. If you’re in my life I give you my all, hell even my ex is getting all I can give by talking to him, I know it needs to stop and I should ignore it, but I always look for the good, even when burned I still touch that hot burner again. Almost done with work and then crawl in bed have to force up the energy to eat and shower still as well.
Today, is a sad day for me.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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