We’re all a little twisted..

And I have my moments:

It was an episode of

Yesterday, a coworker/friend of mine, sends me this article:
Baby born pregnant with twins
Well, the first reaction is a standard ‘Dafaq
But, my reaction is “So, that’s what happen’s when you swallow while pregnant!” LMAO. I mean, seriously?!?
Of course, this happened in China, everything strange happens in China. Not here in ‘merica, we folks here know better, I reckon.. Yeah, I can’t talk/ type like that it makes my head hurt.
Now, what kind of backwoods family tree is this? Their children are their grandchildren? They are grand-mom and grand-dad. That is all just not right, right there.
I do believe this is why I stick to being a workaholic, watching sports and reading in my free time. This world is more weird than I am. I mean, I talk to myself in my blogs, I am my own best fwiend.. I write these things to always remember, I can be funny, and fun and lively. And I am loved for it.
And of course, I can depend on my friends to make me laugh, Leave it to a Hispanic to introduce me to a new acronym.  LSHTMSFOAIDMT, Laughing so hard that my sombrero falls off and I drop my taco.
Now on with my day, work, cemetery, Mich Ultra Night. Survive. Today I will be in a DND mode. And now a moment of silence…….

RIP, Dad.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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