If you really listen to this song it is a powerful song.  The word are a deeper meaning.

Why would we leave the stage in the middle of the song??

Some ‘get it’, some do not. Depression is a disease that affects many. I tried to leave in the middle of that song. For so long I felt alone to find out there are more out there like me than I thought. My biggest challenge was realization that its not who or what I am. Deeper than that was that I do not need to run, escape or find a way out from the problems in life, but to face them.  Whomever or whatever is troubling me. Whatever past abuse, whatever issues at all in life, including my depression.  I just had to work on it all.  The depression is an illness, Its something I have. I can’t control it.  I can take medication and most of all I AM NOT ALONE.  Love me or hate me for it. Neither really matters, I cant make people feel different than they do when it comes to where I am in their life. What I can change is myself and my attitude on life.  I can make a difference. Writing this blog, as you are reading, as I provide the information below.  Someone out there is reading and somewhere a difference is being made.  I have several other blogs here that may help, or you may relate to and see that,  you are not alone.   You may find I was once where you were too.  Feel free to comment, reach out. I’m here.

Always have someone you can talk to. If you feel like you do not, know that there are hotlines out there.  You can get help and nothing is worth the end.  I promise you that you will look back as I am now thanking whoever saved you, looking back in that mirror glad you did.  You are enough, you are loved and your life matters.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-8255

http://www.save.org – Suicide Awareness Voice of Education
https://www.afsp.org/ American Foundation of Suicide Prevention

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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