Don’t let this word of mouth stop at your ZIPPER!!!

International ‘Type in YOUR PANT SIZE’ DAY

Founded on May 6, 2015 by no other than myself and co-founder Evan Draughon (because well he was there when it happened.)  It all came about in an email sent to me in size one font. At which I said I am worth more than a font in my pant size. And the master minds went to work.
The brains were storming.. There was heavy smoke forming.

So, why are we not funding this? This is simple. You do not have to ‘FUND a International DAY’. We pondered.. Start in the office and let it circulate?  That’s just a go small or go home, deal.  It all starts right here! In the modern world, on the WWW and word of mouth, to word of mouth, eyes to the pants tag, to the fingers and the key board and type away. Just don’t let word of mouth get stuck on your zipper.

Keep it going. The most creative Ideas come about when you are not thinking of creative ideas. Products are invented when people are not trying to invent products. And, now we have it.. Join us in ‘International ‘TYPE IN YOUR PANT SIZE DAY’

istock-000000727134xsmall(Don’t worry, if you wish to be dishonest, who will know.) You are behind a computer screen after all. But, Is that any way to make friends? Don’t be THAT person… No one likes to be caught with their pants down.


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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