All-Star come back

Well, the all stars took a break, so did I. Welcome back, baseball. So much to talk about, so little time! I am a little late on typing this up so none of it is really new news when it comes to the first section.

Let’s See, we had the HR Derby & the All-Star Game this past week before Baseball returned on Friday.  This year brought in the most viewers since 2010, with 9.28 million.  That’s pretty awesome.

So, I will start with the HR Derby.  I really enjoyed watching Joc Pederson and Albert Pujos go neck in Neck.  It was also great to watch Pujos with Joc’s Brother.  Even though Joc did not win it was still great watching him.  He is a young man that I can see with some potential.  Todd Frazier put on quite a show for is home town team.  It think he could have made that needed HR in his first set, but he decided he would get it in his first hit of his bonus time, just to get the crowd going.  He really had his brother under the gun, that was for sure.  And to throw a little comedy in there, we all know Prince Fielder loves his snacks.. It was very nice of his kids to share their cotton candy with him on the side. Everyone needs that sugar rush to get them going on the bats, Right!  Prince makes me laugh.  But, WTG Mr. Fraizer on your HR Derby win.

The Next day we had the All-Star Game.  It was great to see the AL win it, that was who I wanted to see win.  That being said they win the home field advantage for the World Series.  And, I don’t think its going to be the Cubs who are the visiting team, Sorry Back to the Future.  Mike Trout, for the second year, won the ASG MVP.  I will say this year he didn’t seem to come off as such and arrogant punk as he did last year.  He really is a great baseball player, just had some growing up to do.

The game started with 2 highlights that no one will forget. First off, you had, the Stars of Yesterday meet the Stars of Today.  Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench, Willie Mays and Sandy Koufax walked out to the mound arm-in-arm, the four Greatest Living Players.  Next up was the highlight of the Franchise Four unveiling. The hometown Reds. Johnny Bench, Barry Larkin, Joe Morgan and Pete Rose were all in attendance and introduced by Thom Brennaman, the son of legendary Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman.  The historic unveiling was capped off by Bench crouching behind home plate in Cincinnati one more time to catch the ceremonial first pitch from Koufax.

Cincinnati loved to have the Cardinals there on the field, there was much love when the Line up’s were called.  Molina was loving the attention also, as he turned to show his name on the back of the jersey as to say, “Read my name, I’m Still here, I am still and All-Star.”.  Pujos also joined in on the boo’s to the cardinal’s and Molina.. but, when his introduction came, he too was boo’ed even when he no longer has an association with the cards. All in all it was kept fun.

And now, we watch as the fun goes on of rumors and actions as the trades go on in the MLB..  Lots could happen… Du Dun Duu

Anyhow, that is all for now, I will come back later and talk about some Rangers baseball and other teams.. In the mean time don’t forget to check them out in the powder blue uniforms today….

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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