Weight Loss anyone?

Everyone has successful weight-loss stories. Over the past several months, but especially the last 3 or so, my mom has made comments. In April, my doctor said something thinking my seizure/migraine meds caused me to go from 132 to 129 in a month. I was okay with it. In Feb/March, I was still around 146.

When I was at the doctor last Monday I weighed at 120. I am still okay with it but everyone else is concerned as I am not working out or doing anything much that they are aware of to lose weight. I don’t notice the physical appearance of the weight loss. Or didnt. Until today when I took an April pic and a July pic and put them side by side. And then I had to send it to my mom with a okay you are right. I h ate when she is right! haha.

feels good though!

Yesterday, I went out and replaced my favorite brown two-piece swim suit that I have had for well over 10 years. It actually for to big on me. And the one piece I had to buy last year because  the two piece was too small, and I wasn’t comfortable weighing close to 150 due to my depression  and meds, is now too big. This was actually the first time in a long time I felt decent about myself and my body in a swimsuit. Really, it was just because it was a cute swimsuit, and damn those bitches are expensive!

maybe now I can be thhat model I dreamed of when I was 10.. LOL

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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