All Kinds of WEIRD…

If you caught any of the Rangers/Yankees Game last night you saw that it was just all kinds of weird.

The Rangers tagged New Yorks Starter for 5 runs on three hits in the first inning. It seemed like a good start for the Home Team.  But then came the top of the 2nd.

The Yankees opened up a can of whoop ass! 11 runs were scored just before out of 15 batters that were sent to the plate followed by a Grand slam hit by Chris Young making the score now 15-5. By the bottom of the 2nd it ended right there with a 15-5 ball game. If you are a country music fan, well that puts a whole new meaning to the artist, Chris Young’s “I’m Coming Over”  Because this Chris Young came on over and he brought 3 friends. The Yankees just finished out a 32 minute inning.

The Rangers were a no-hit the rest of the game while the Yankees scored 6 more runs.

There were not one, but two instances of catcher’s interference, coming when Jacoy Ellsbury clipped two different Texas Catchers.  I don’t believe I have ever heard of or seen a catchers interference on the same player, in the same game, by two different (or even the same) pitcher.  Where’s the luck in that?

Position players pitching?  Perez was removed form the game early on Pitching just One inning.  He was replaced by Wandy Rodriguez who was then replaced by Klein followed by Patton, Freeman,  and Scheppers. The only option left was to continue wearing out the bullpen? or put in a position player.  So, Banister made the decision to put in Rosalaes. Adam Rosales made a appearance last month as well in a similar situation.  He is now the first player to have made an appearance twice in a year.  He allowed a 2- Run HR by Brett Gardner. But, He did strike out Grand Slam hitter, Chris Young.

A strange game for sure.  It was a full moon last night.. It had to be.
** none of my sports writing is approved or confirmed by MLB or clubs

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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