Ride the cycle…

Beltre gets his 3rd cycle of his career last night!  Amazing.  Not only his 3rd, but his 3rd in the Rangers Stadium.  Once with Seattle and twice with the Rangers.  Cycles happen a lot less than I thought.  There were only a few each year if that, that have happened.  The last one prior to this one, was completed by Shin Shoo Choo.
A great game played last night with the Astro’s, as the Rangers defeated them 12-9. McCullers was pulled in the first inning of the game after allowing 6 runs. They weren’t done there.  They came back in the 3rd to score 5 more, securing the game with a lead of 11-3.  Houston’s Castro then scored a Grand Slam in the 4th.  The rest of the game seemed to have mellowed out after that with Beltre getting his Cycle and Houston scoring 2 more runs ending with the 12-9 win.  Adrian’s interview was fun.  He’s a great guy and great captain for the team. Its good to see the Rangers doing well this year and a change even in their spirit.  I hope they play a game like this on Wednesday when I am out there.

David Price Opened up for his debut with the Blue Jays. Striking out 11 and picking up a 5-1 victory over the Twins.

Last night seemed to be a high scoring night for a lot of games out there.  The Mets beat the Marlins 12-1. The Giants and the Braves game went 9-8. The Padres and the Brewers game went 13-5  The Mariners and Rokies game went 8-7. And then We had to Pirates and Cubs game that I was watching as I waited for the Rangers game to start, which ended up being postponed due to Rain.  They were actually playing in some rain for a good minute before calling it.  Lester was actually looking pretty good out there pitching.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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