What did you say?

So, what really happened last night between Jose Iglesias &  James McCann?  Things seemed a little heated last night in the Tigerss dug-out, thats for sure. And as you can see below, everyone has ‘moved on’

DETROIT — Brad Ausmus insisted that it was not out of the ordinary. Detroit Tigers players involved did their best to talk around the specifics.
James McCann said it was an in-house matter that had been dealt with.
Jose Iglesias headed for the door.
An odd season took a strange turn Friday night when a confrontation between McCann and Iglesias in the dugout turned physical. Iglesias shoved McCann in the chest with both hands, then pushed away and restrained by third baseman Nick Castellanos.

An hour or so later, after the Detroit Tigers had finished up a 7-2 loss to the Boston Red Sox, those involved were asked about the incident.
They didn’t say much.
“It’s handled,” Castellanos said. “It’s done with.”
“Things happened,” Gose said, “and we’ve already moved past it.”
“It’s an in-house subject and we got it taken care of,” McCann said. “Jose and I are both rooting for each other and we’re both rooting for each other as the game went on.”
“Sorry,” Jose Iglesias said in response to an interview request as he headed for the door. “Not tonight.”
The incident was initially between McCann and Iglesias, but several other players ended up involved.
McCann and Iglesias met in the dugout and McCann said something and gestured toward the field. No one involved would say, but McCann’s issue likely had to do with a play in the top of the inning in which it appeared Iglesias didn’t give a full effort on a single up the middle by Rusney Castillo.
Ian Kinsler had a front-row seat when it started and — after Iglesias shoved McCann — got in front of McCann, who walked away and let it go long before Iglesias did. Castellanos helped push Iglesias away from McCann. Iglesias was clearly heated.
A short time later, Iglesias was leaning on the railing and talking with Jefry Marte and Alfredo Simon when Gose came up from behind, grabbed the back of Iglesias’ shirt and said something to him. Simon appeared to push Gose away at that point and Anibal Sanchez followed that up by walking away with Gose — who was still yelling at Iglesias — and sitting next to him on the bench.
“I don’t even remember,” Gose said when asked what he said to Iglesias. “It was heat of the moment. I don’t even remember what I said.”
“It happened in the past,” McCann said, “and we worked through it and everything’s good.”
Ausmus shrugged it off as boys being boys. He said it’s not uncommon for disagreements to happen between players and that they occasionally become physical.
He did say that this is the first time during his tenure that two players had an incident like this, which seemed to run exactly contrary to his repeated message that the incident Friday was not out of the ordinary.
“No, it’s not,” Ausmus said. “Do you have a brother? Did you ever get in a fight with a sibling? When you spend seven months with each other, there’s going to be disagreements. Sometimes there’s going to be some pushing and shoving.”
Ausmus said he did not have any issue with the effort Iglesias gave on the play and said he never considered removing Iglesias from the game.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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