I wake up in the morning…

… Feeling Like

I am the one and only, Original, D. GIDDY, P. Diddy ain't got NOTHING on me.   P.Diddy ain’t got nothin’ on me!

Yeah, I know.. That totally cheesed all over the place!  That is actually a older picture from about 2013. Bwahha. But, you laughed.. So, stop smiling. Do et!!!…. Do ett!  Okay.. breathe.


(This was actually the archived image I was trying to find when I came across the D.Giddy one that went with the D.Giddy quote I already had in here. )

So, We all wake up with probably the same way. Feeling like a bright Ray of Sunshine, RIGHT?!?! Probably not.  We smash our alarm clock,  or our bladder wakes us.  Maybe we have screaming kids, for those of you that wake up that way, I apologize for your misfortunes.  HAHA.. I am totally kidding. Those are your pride and joy.  Enjoy them while they are small. The crying is nothing compared to when they learn to talk!

Back on topic.  We wake up to start our days.  Do you wake up and tell yourself how your day is going to be?  Like my shirt today reads:
“Awesome all the time”
In a sense, yes It is false advertising.  I am not awesome all the time am I? What does it really mean?  It is not awesome to be coming home from the grocery store and I have to pee, and here I am running up the stairs, I get to the door, I am fumbling with my keys. The door is taking what seems like a decade to get unlocked.. and when it is finally unlocked it is like TADA!! and there is a light at the end of the tunnel as I run through the apartment, tripping over my cat, stumbling.   That is not awesome! I do not feel awesome knowing that in that very moment I could wet myself.That being said, we don’t know how our day will ever go, I don’t know how the next 10 minutes will go.  We never know.  We don’t know what we will feel for the day because we don’t know what the day will bring.  What we can know, is what we are, what our worth is.  I for instance have learned to wake up every morning and tell myself not that I although may not be awesome all the time, and I do sometimes suck.. that My way of handling things that come at me can be awesome.  I can handle them in a way that can change everything.  I can laugh at it, I can remain calm, rational and collective.  I can wake up everyday and remind myself that whatever happened yesterday, is Yesterday. It is the past.  I can tell myself that today, is a new day!  I can go in the bathroom, look in the mirror and tell myself that no matter what I do today, fail or succeed.. I did my best at it and I was enough for the situation.  I am enough for life itself.   If I have to face a negative situation in my day, I can step back, look at it and find 2 positives in it.  That in itself will get me through the situation at hand.   And, When the day is done I will sit down and reflect on it.  In the end that is when I realize in that whole day, I really was Awesome the whole time. 🙂 I can look back at the people I made laugh.  The joke I may have told a stranger.  The smile I may have put on someone’s face who was having a bad day.  Or the good feeling I may have given someone who needed it when I didn’t even know it.  Hell, even the person I could have pissed off.. I can be proud of that too.  I served a purpose somewhere.  haha.

What I am getting at hear is this.  Never dread a day when you wake up and get out of bed.  Never dread a day you go to work or school.  Be glad you are hear and make the best of what you are given.  You are in control of how you handle it.  If you can’t get a grip on it, change it.  I will be reblogging something tonight or in the morning that I wrote about changing things in your control.  It’s actually spot on.  I came across it last night, but first I wanted to get to this.  The shirt wasn’t planned into the day but as I typed I realized I was wearing it so it all worked out. 🙂

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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