A night out is like..

Walk up in the place like you own it!  That’s how I roll.. The night started out at BWW. The waiter was a real Jerk so it was BYE FELICIA.  Upon leaving I called and spoke to the manager being that I frequent two locations a lot and they really don’t want to lose me as a customer, dropping employees names to show that I do in fact know what I was talking about. I have a little leverage.  GSD! (Get Shit Done)

So, it was off to some place else.  Heading to Boomerjack, deciding to instead check out their new place, the Bedford Icehouse.

I started it with the waitress telling us they had $2 Margarita’s frozen and on the rocks.. I said I didn’t like my drinks on Rocks as it was hard on my teeth. From there it just all went down hill.

“What’s the address here I am trying to invite a friend’ (Location: Bedford Icehouse.)

She says “I don’t know I am sure I can find out.”

Starts looking at menu. Wouldn’t be 300 would it.

The Door is behind her.. Here’s a picture from the table.  This night is going to be fun.  Perfect seat to stop all the waitresses.

Whats the Address?

Yep, a typical night out in the great state!  3 waitresses and a manager later…    The best one was our waitress then standing at the table to watch the fun.  Stating “don’t ask her, she doesn’t even know her own address.. ” Ouch!  Later in the evening the manager came over and thanked us.  Stating she would now be including the question in tomorrow’s staff meeting… greatness.. LOL.

So,Here we are checking out a new place. They host local acoustic bands

I notice Josh Ingram among names and have a couple in mind to contact as well as some contacts, who have contacts. The bar/restaurant/venue is nice. The staff is a lot of fun, even if none of the waitress – tested and true – don’t know the address. (All in fun)

They have an inside area to sit, as well as a huge patio area.  You can also find two pool tables located on the covered patio.  There is an outside and inside bar.  I didn’t really scope out the inside of the place. Except the restrooms, which are Huge. Why was I fascinated by this?  The black toilets kind of tripped me out though, yeah… me and bathrooms. At least they didn’t have the creepy automatic flush things..

So here I am back at the table after checking out the bathroom.  Now its time for some more testing.  They do not take lonestar cards! Do not ask! Just because you see the signs that state ‘LoneStar’ It is all in false advertisement. But, it is fun to ask your waitress and have her seriously say, “I think we do but let me go double check”  and she goes to the register to see.  So clueless and naive.

And, just a FYI, If you ask to have the channel changed during a Cowboys came staring you are an ABC (Any Thing But Cowboys)  or baseball fan.  It doesn’t matter how many Assistant managers, waitresses and tables agree; they only get 5 satellite channels!

The food is good. If you are not hungry, enjoy the menu humor that is on a real Texas license Plate. I do feel bad for the poor chicken.


The Assistant manager was informed that a “White Gummy Bear’ Shot is Offensive and is just racist.  That is like going to the grocery store and it saying ‘Crackers’. We prefer to be called ‘Saltine American’s’ Damn-it.  At first she didn’t get it and went into all the technicalities of why it was called a white gummy bear and blah blah blah. I’m just shaking my head at her thinking ‘you don’t get it, dear’.

This was definitely more fun than the night where 3 of us went to Plucker’s and paid the staff to flip the bird, although that waitress probably made $30 in tips from us. As we left, I handed the waitress an extra $10 cash on top of the tip given to her on the tab for being such fun for the night.  Its not often you really find staff that can be fun and with the way the night started out, it ended well. I will definitely be going back.

$2 margarita’s.. I better stop at 4 while I can still type. 4 is a good number. I had 4 jello shots before leaving home!

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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