You’re just not drinking enough… What?

Yep, Beer! Yesterday I was talking to a buddy about my now slight concern of weightloss. I finally went and got batteries for the scale that have been dead about two weeks now and since, am down another 4.5 lbs. now at 116. 

I haven’t been 116 since who knows when. My eating habits have not changed any, I am not on one of my crazy diet pill kicks like I used to do 4+ years ago. My thyroid levels checked out good last month. So, the conclusion has been made. I haven’t been drinking, very true. Therefore, it is the fault of not drinking enough Beer. If I can drink more beer I can gain some of the weight back. I dont really want it back, but I cant lose anymore! 

The problem with this is this, its causing my hair to fall out and thin extremely bad. With weight loss and weight gain comes boob loss and well I didnt have much of that to spare anyhow! LMAO and, my size one shorts that 3 months ago, I was ecstatic that I could wear again.. Well, a few of those now come off without undoing the button. 

So, drink beer.. Stay level. I totally got this. Haha. 



08/22/15 -what’s Dana without sticking out her tongue? Happy Saturday, Followers.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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