It’s M day!

Its too Damn early to be giving you guys selfies… But look at me.. I am still kinda adorable, right?   Okay, maybe not.  (yes, I totally had a conversation with myself!) HAHAHAH My tongue isn’t even sticking out yet, my eyes are still bloodshot sleepy and I haven’t’ had my redbull!
Line:Utah by 41/2. The Wolverines are the under dog here. Utah is favored to win the game currently by 5 points. So, if you were to bet.. who would you take? Here’s a scouting report:

(edit: 9:43 am) Happy Thursday, Everyone. It’s ‘M‘ Day!  The day of $2 Margaritas, $2 Mexican beer or what some call DOS Equis, and Michigan Wolverines.  I bought myself two new U of M shirts for this season.. Last season I had my Hoodie and my ballcap.  So today I shall break out the Shirt.     That being said, After the 5 o’clock hour you know where to find me, and that’s where those cold Margarita’s are.  I am determined this year I will know even more about football than I did at the end of last  year one way or another.  Slowly I am learning.  And I can add it to my sports.  I doubt it will ever match up to my love of Baseball and Hockey, but at least this year when I have my Superbowl party I won’t be so lost.. I can do it for the football and less for the party.. HAHAHA

Ahh... Here I am.. Now I am awake with some redbull in my system.. Back to normal!  BAM!
Ahh… Here I am.. Now I am awake with some redbull in my system.. Back to normal! BAM! Back to adorable.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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