Ladies, you may understand ir even want to know. Guys, you may want to move on and read something else in the bathroom this time. 😉

A while back I wrote about Mirena. Well, I finally had the doctors office order it, my insurance cover their part. That damn thing is like $982!  But I guess when you figure 5 years of Birth control, its worth it. When I was on the Nuva Ring that ranged 70-80 a month WITH insurance.  So, If I were to lose my job I’m good right?  

Well, I need it for other reasons. I cant have estrogen. I actually shouldnt get pregnant per the doctor as it could kill me, hey cool story bro! Anyhow, I was put on birth control way before I ever lost my virginity for my cycles. When I stopped it, so did my cycles. Well, hey.. I thought thats cool, no cycle, no ovulation, I am good to! Well, yes. I am not releasing eggs. But, doctor says I should have my cycles.

So, here I went in for my Appointment. This shouldnt take long. Badda boom, Badda bing.. In and done. Not so much. After the doctor about sent me off the table, she stopped and told her assistant to get the somogram machine.  Something was wrong.  She could tell I was in pain amd went and got me some advil, as did the nurse. 

They came back with the machine. Sure enough, my uterus is apparently ‘tipped way back’ and its also harder for any women who have not had children because our cervix is super glued shut. Well, she didnt say super glue, but you get the point.  Needless to say, I was sent home, procedure not done. In pain. So I did what anyone would do, 3 shots of patron, and got back to work. I was still in pain yesterday, and today is dull with too much moving.  

I go back in 2 weeks for round 2. Glutten for punishment. Thinking to myself, why do I need this? Apparently there is a pill I can take night before and morning of that may help. We shall see. It better is all I’m saying.


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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