Reading, writing, arithmetic.. 

Happy Sunday!  I have the writing down. Another thing I have always loved to do that puts me in a peaceful mindset is grabbing a book and just reading.

I can remember having my first apartment with my cat, Stormy Lou, we would just sit and I’d stay home amd hermit. Reading, book after book. I wasn’t quite the workaholic I am now. 

So, I have pulled out my nook and started looking for my next books to read. Being the opening to football season, I just downloaded ‘The rise, the fall, the return of Michigan Football’ just published September 1st. I am determined to add more football knowledge to my brain. I am more interested in college football amd have always been more to watch the Michigan games anyhow. 

Also downloaded the Dean Koonz new Release ‘Last Light’. That should be a great start.

As for arithmetic.. Well, I love number, but math was not my strong point in school. It just fit the title.. 😉


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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