Mr. Rogers lesson

Boys and girls, Mr. Rogers presents

Do not call a person a skank-

I hear the term.. Not only is it just a stupid and unintelligent word.. You look unintelligent even more so using it..  



a steady-paced dance performed to reggae music, characterized by rhythmically bending forward, raising the knees, and extending the hands palms-downward.

Yesterday, I heard the term because someone I casually talk to had an insecure and very cray cray girlfriend whom I guess he may have been on the outs with anyway. He said he already took her back one too many times. Who am I to judge, I give my share of chances too. But, she saw just a haha talk, and now I am one of his ‘skanks’ 

I am a friendly person. No harm, no foul. My intentions are not to ever come between people. I am not that type of person. I will gladly tell her this, or I would have until she started her shennanigans. Our talks were casual. That was it.  So, being me.. As he told me my immidiate reaction was to give him the definition of a skank. One, to make him laugh. Two, to make myself laugh as I have needed it myself.. But I always laugh at myself. 

So, I then made a big joke only because she was hacking his facebook and his dice game was linked to it, therefore, she could see the  chat of “I guess now is not the time to tell her we were going to be getting married, without telling her I don’t do marriage, nor were we but thats all just details.. HA”

  As you will see, he and I have been playing for some time.. Its called dice with buddies for the love of unicorns! It is just a damn game. So, here is what the world is coming to. Social media, online gaming, breathing, talking, looking in the direction of anyone or even accidentally scrolling past an ad with a picture could land you single!  If you are in a relationship, I advise that you tape your eyes shut, glue your mouth shut, lock your doors and windows, close the curtains and blinds, tie your hands behind your back.. Better yet, chop them off. And then, and only then will you keep your relationship safe! 

I am kidding. On a serious note, I told him I couldn’t judge. I used to be insecure. Being that or if they are doing the on again off again, well.. I explained although I don’t know the story there’s some reason. A reason they go bak together. A reason and that may be why, that shes insecure. She could just be afraid he will leave or she could have been looking for reason to leave. Who really knows. They will figure out whats meant to be. 

He said he gets lonely, I explained thats for all the wrong reasons.. If thats the case, get a dog. Or better yet.. Get a Parrot! They talk.. LOL He later asked If Id talk to him so he didn’t have to live with a Parrot. Laughing of course. 

I am no relationship expert, I do have my share of lessons. I can relate to insecurities. I can relate to feeling lonely. I can relate to the on again off again to make things work.  So, I did take to the talk and offer what I could. I don’t know where they ended up. But, hopefully something was helpful even if it was just the definition of the word skank. LMAO.

So, tonight, my next victim was up.. I will usually send him random funny pics that are just whatever that I come across..  He also sent me a goofy selfie of him in mexico to tub it in that he was on vacation for a week. I say more power to him. Mexico tried to keep me last time I was there.. LOL


We’ll be tailgating Saturday and going to the Rangers Game and following will be the Pat Green Concert.. A pretty cool dude. He is also my service advisor on my vehicle.. I just have people everywhere! Which is weird for someone who doesn’t leave home or like people and isolated, but when I don’t I do find some awesome people.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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