‘Til it Happens to you’

I don’t write as much as I used to on personal Life experiances.  I try to keep my blog light hearted and fun. But tonight, I sat and came across an atricle and song and it hit a bone in me. A chill. A place I didn’t wish to replay, but it did. At the same time it also showed me once again how far I have come. I still got that stabbing pain in my chest. But, I coped and it passed with more ease. I will explain after the article:

Lady Gaga’s Chilling New Music Video Sends Powerful Message About Rape

Sep 18, 2015 • 2:41pm

Lady Gaga recently released a music video about sexual assault on college campuses to accompany a song for “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary about campus rape.

The song is called “Til It Happens To You,” and its lyrics are from the point of view of a victim of sexual assault.

The video is directed by Catherine Hardwicke and follows the stories of several college women who experience sexual violence. It also shows us the love and support the victims receive from friends and family afterward.

The song is dedicated to survivors, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that help victims of sexual assaults.

The video is emotional and powerful, but it does contain graphic content that may be hard to watch for some viewers.

I was Raped in 2006. It was by a guy I worked with, a guy whom was what I thought a friend. We did hang out outside of work. I had been to his house and him to my apartment. We, as well as others we worked with had gone out to Lonnigans for drinks before. But, one night I had a very bad night. I was fightigng with my, at the time boyfriend, I sat home drinking and got very much intoxicated. Loe and behold at some point I did talk to this friend I guess. At which he took it upon himself to come over. My front door unlocked he invited himself in where he found me passed out drunk. All I know is I woke up in my bed undressed with him in it, undressed as well. He admitted to moving me from the couch to the bed. Having sex with me. I told him at that point to get the F*ck out of my place. I went to work and had to face him. We worked in different deprtments. I did go to the General Manager and explain what had happened to the least amount of detail as he woud come in the cafe and just sit. From there he would sit outside the cafe.
As for the boyfriend, he didn’t believe that I had been raped. He believed it was mutual. He later told me I had deserved it, Or I had asked for it. That I had cheated on him by this happening. I have been told that even my mother has questioned it, as she knew I had hung out with the guy and gone on a date at one point, that never lead anywhere. We just remained friends and worked together. She has told people I was dating she was unsure as to if I really was. Granted that was some time ago when her and I weren’t doing so well against each other either. Regardless, I lnew better, hell, I can’t date people I work with, Its just not right. Too much rish and drama if it doesnt work. Hell, this caused me to quit. I obviously couldnt stay there and be intimidated.
No, means No! I don’t care if you didn’t scream it. If they even heard the faintest ‘no’ as this guy even did, it means no.
I blamed myself. I was being told it was my fault, I deserved it for getting so drunk, for being so trusting, for ‘allowing’ him in. etc. The negative words these girls had.. I felt them.

Never feel this way! It is tour body. you own it, No-one else

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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