Sports.. Tigers, Rangers, Foosball…

When did I become such a sports fanatic.. Not even 3 years ago! When everything changed. When everything became more ‘open’  I guess?

Here’s my timeline, NOONE, and I mean NOONE knows until you read this:

I liked baseball ALOT, prior to 2012. But, even more, It has become more important than I open up and share. Because I don’t open up and share.  So, when I could really watch it, learn it, observe it, attend more games. Etc, I did!

As a child, I went to my dad’s softball games, while he was an officer. I remember him being an umpire.  When my ex and I were separated, my dad and I went to my best friends soft ball games. It was actually more than that, maybe I shouldn’t be so proud to say it was the bar I hung out with’s softball team, and I went as their support, as I sat at this bar damn near every night until 3am closing it down. Walking alost 2 miles after my keys were taken away one night. And so on. But, looking back, people cared! So, if you ever have to do that.. Don’t be mad and an ass like I was. Say thank you first, then be an ass and mad that they took your keys and didn’t let you drive. HA!

When my ex an I got back together, he an I took his girls to a couple games.  He and I went to a couple games. Neither of them could sit through a whole game. He and I had taken my mom to a game once, even.  Coworkers invited my ex and I to a game or two until he wanted to leave after inning 3 or 4 and they knew it, they stopped giving me the tickets. So, there was that….

So, finally… I had time to be able to learn baseball. When CJ and I started to date, he was out of town 3-5 weeks at a time. My hand was broke.  I had no friends, was sucessfully alienated, (at my OWN free will at my grandmother as I saved to get out on my own quicly after a few months of leaving with $50 and some clothes) and had a broken hand with no money and a stubborn pride.  I realized, the more I tried to save.. The more I was me and relying on it. It was never ending. But, I was learning baseball, hockey and such, and I was taking time to see that I actually enjoyed watching sports.

I realize how much I enjoyed hockey. I enjoyed watching the Redwings. Just like I did with my dad. It was more than a daddy/daughter time. I loved watching the game!!! And I was going to learn more, and more and more.  It was the same with the Baseball games.  I would sit almost religiously every night and watch the baseball games.   No one knew we watched dad as an umpire, and I liked baseball for that.

No one knew I took him to that softball game at the Hurst Complex in late 2007? ( forgive me on year) Hell, CJ and Artie dont remember meeting him.  Probably because they were hungover, maybe drunk.. who knows.  haha.. And my bad was pretty much telling them they suuucckeed.. LMAO!  The only one who does is Harm. My big brother who will always watch over me.

So, Tonight I am now home from tonight’s game.  No one to talk to.  I text with Rick some, but he wasn’t much in the ‘swing’ of things of wanting to talk sports. Tried talking some Hockey but I guess its too early to get him Vamped up on that.  Its just preseason.  I sat at the Game and talked with the Ushers, Gaylen and Gary.  Poor Gaylen, he’s having heart issues.  Nice man, he lit up when he saw me come up the stairs to the section 131.  Same section I always sit, which is how we know each other.  He wasn’t there when I went a week and a half ago, he went home sick.  So before I was leaving I stood talking to them.  Told him to take it easy.  I’d probably be a little heart broken and sad if I heard anything happened to him.

Now, I sit. Wanting to talk sports.  And no one to share the interest, at least not at 11:50 at night.  I could grab my nook and read my U of M book: Endzone:  The Rise, Fall and Return of Michigan Football.  I am determined to learn football. U of M was the only football I watched. Again, with my dad.  The other Football I was around was more of just being the hostess to house parties. I have watched all and through all of the U of M games so far.  It’s been fun, although I may not understand it all.  I will pick it up and learn it.  So, as I am writing this I am texting with Rick about his workouts and weight loss.  He has lost 50 lbs. since moving to Austin in May.  Not to bad at all.  And I am sitting with insomnia.  Just feeling pretty alone.  Bleh.  The next two days are going to be hectic and I should be asleep as I have to wake up in 4 hours.  Well I don’t have to, but I know I will, because I always do.. sigh.. but I want to talk about sports.

2015-09-28 19.01.03The Rangers lost tonight, by the way.  They need to really get it together before they lose the little ground they have for the week.  They are going to keep me on edge all week, I suppose.  Pull it together Rangers!!! HAHA.. Tonight I was going to wear my Kinsler Jersey and say that way I could have my Hometown and Home Team supported since Kinsler is now on Detroit.  I was telling a friend that and he came back and said “I thought you were from Michigan, not Detroit”.  I didn’t know what to reply with at first and finally I said.. Whoa! now I knew that Detroit went Bankrupt, but I had no clue that another state bought them!!! LMAO!!! Bwahahaha.. Yeah, he felt like an idiot.  As he should have. Stay in school kids.  It was so funny though.   And if you were wondering, The Red Wings beat the Bruins 3-1 in the Preseason game. 🙂

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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