Get my sexy on..

Oh good.. Its still here.. I thought it was gone and that would be a serious matter!! I can’t feel my tongue! HA. 

Not how I planned to spend my whole Saturday. I have been here 2 hours and still have to fill and do crown. It was supposed to be a teeth cleaning and on with the weekend. Looms like I will be laid up in my apartment now, miserable.  Probably sharing canned cat food with the cats. LMAO They said I had to eat soft food.. 


About $4000 ($1200 out of my pocket today) of work needs done. One of my fillings needs fixed.. One needs to be removed and have a crown. And another filling. My gums are infected and I have to have a deep cleaning instead of a regular for periodontal disease. 

Overtime pays off again. But this is what happens again when I went so long without taking car of myself. Last I was st the dentist I had all wisdom teeth pulled. That was well over 5 years ago.

And so add on.. 

Lmfao!!  tried to drink my red bull when I cant feel my bottom lip.. 




wardrobe change from slober shirt before I head out

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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