7th Inning Stretch

An Interesting game to say the least. Rule 603a: Catchers throw back to the pitcher, no intent of the batter to interference then the ball is live.  Although, this is a non reviewable play, The Umpires decided to do a Rule check on behalf of request by Blue Jays Manager, John Gibbons. Catchers throw back to pitcher touched bat while it was still in box, runner came in and scored as ball went toward third.

Choo was up to bat.  He did not interfere with anything and was fixing his sleeve when Martin went to throw back to the pitcher and hit the bat as it was over the box. In that event Odor ran in from 3rd base.  In the event, as he threw the ball it went toward 3rd base and the ball was considered live.  The Rangers scored

Released form the at bat app as I was posting: Umpires manual: If batter is standing in box and he or is bat is struck by catcher’s throw to pitcher.. the ball is in play

People in upper deck throwing stuff and hitting people below. Bottles and cans are flying on the field.  Fans running on to the field.  It’s very uncontrollable.  They have put an announcement up on the billboard, that has only seemed to make matters worse.  Once the review started that calmed the storm, until the rule was again confirmed to be correct.  Definitely the more intense Game 5 of the Post Season.

Bottom of the 7th, Bautista hits a 3 run HR and as Encarnacion is telling the crowd to calm Down Dyson, not knowing that is what he is doing and thinking he is trying to get the crowd to cheer more.  At this point there is so much Emotion in the Teams, the fans and at this point Dyson says something and bleachers clear.  Rangers are Needing police to eject fans from the stands near the dugout.  The park is just insane.  Finally, Inning 7 Ends at a 53 Minute inning.

Or did it?  Dyson goes past Tulo and taps him in a friendly gesture as in finally the inning is over, buddy.”  Tulo, didn’t want to be buddies.  Goins grabbed Tulo and diffused that situation at least. So, Blue Jays fans are now happy and Jays are up 6-3.  Rangers should be either Pumped or Wore out. No telling which way this game will go now.

Dugouts emptied Twice in that inning, lets see how many in the 8th..

This Game is just WOW!

I think its going to come down to the Blue Jays, Cubs, Mets and Astros and ultimately the Mets and KC, or the Mets and BJ’s.  I’m Rooting for the first part. I can hope anyhow. Everyone thinks it will go the way I don’t want it to, where the Blue Jays will go.  I have even said myself in the beginning they will win it.  But we will see.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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