World Series 2015

Everyone thinks, or thought the Blue Jays were going to the World Series in the beginning.  I too felt that way when the time was nearing for Post Season.  It wasn’t so much what I wanted to see.  I don’t care for the Blue Jays, myself.  As the first Round ended and it got down to the four teams: Blue Jays, Royals, Cubs and Mets.  I looked at it and saw that I didn’t so much see anymore a team that everyone saw in the beginning.  The Blue Jays to me appeared to be a team that had become very arrogant.  A team that was trying to play to hard to impress and that they knew they had an image to play up to.  But, a team that to me was trying way too hard.

I have my feelings on a couple of the players who think their Sh!t doesn’t stink.  I am already tired of hearing about Bautista’s ‘Bat Flip’. But, every team has that, Right.  I did love Derek Holland’s Interview on Bautista.   He not only owned up to
his bad pitching but he is on point with Bautista. So, now I follow and I am predicting that it may just be the Mets and KC that take it to the WS for 2015.  I have joked how the Cubs are going to win the World Series from the BTTF Movie.  I still say that would be some Sh!t.   The teams are both going strong with good Defense.  Cueto could use some work.  All while he showed a real good game and impressed everyone on his first time at the mound, he went to the mound on 10/19 and showed the Cueto that was Drafted to KC.

64995236I was ecstatic to see the Mets get the Dodgers out of the Post season.  But, I had already blogged on that, so it is really Last weeks news.  As for the Blue Jays,  Their fans behavior, the attitude of the players and the arrogant.. I just don’t know.  They lack some professionalism to the sport and the Post Season and World Series in my opinion.   If they win it though, good for them.  They still worked hard for it. But, the baby is still cute and funny.. LOL

The next couple weeks will only bring more surprises in baseball I am sure.  All while we still have the excitement of College Football, The NFL and just the beginning of the NHL.  So much going on, so little time.  I did discover NFL RedZone this weekend as part of my sports package..  Its going to be good Lazy Sundays.. 🙂 My new ‘buddy’ won on his $100 bet from the Mich./Mich State game and has taken the $150 that he won and put it on a bet that I gave him for the Texas Tech/OU game for this weekend.  (Hell, I am just stoked someone listens to me) We shall see how I do.  I may have gotten me into a new side hobby here, Maybe an all inclusive paid trip to SC. .. hahaha totally kidding, we all know I wouldn’t miss work!! :p

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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