Game 1 of the World Series

What a hell of a game. 14 Innings! 5 hours and 9 minutes of intense edge of your seat waiting to see who was going to win it and then it was all over with and the ending was Gord-geous! The game started out exciting as Escobar got the first point of the game with an in park home run. We had to know right there and then it was going to be a game to watch. But I can’t say I myself even expected it would go until 12:30 at night.

But, as I sit and thing back over the game, all I can sit and think is how I wanted to yell at the TV for a few things:
First, Edison Volquez. I just read this article and as I read it I couldn’t help but tear up. Royals’ Edison Volques learns of his fathers passing after World Series Start.
I watched the game thinking how sad it was that here he was pitching probably one of his proudest moments that he thought his dad was watching him do. A World Series Game. Or, He was on the mound, pitching to the best of his ability as he just found out his dad passed away, probably doing what he thought his dad would be proud of him for doing. Either way, My heart hurt for him. And Much respect went to him as he threw each pitch. The story that came across my phone just before had said it was unknown as to if he knew. As I sat at Boomerjacks, I didn’t hear the announcers say as to if he knew or even make mention of it.

Second, of course was the ‘Technical Difficulties’ As the game was put to a stop even in park while they had video issues. Harvey was made to stop pitching completely. Collins was not so happy with this. I could see where he wouldn’t be happy, but at the same time. Had he needed to challenge a play, all hell would have broke loose that he couldn’t do so. So it was a double edge sword for the officials I am sure. But that seemed like the longest 15-20 minutes in baseball as that went on. I just wanted to see the game. It seemed like in those moments was when KC lost a little of their mojo. But, everything seemed to get back on track when the game tied back up at 3-3.

I called the game as a KC win to my buddy whom I give ‘wins’ to on games of the day. You would think with the luck I am bringing him I need to find my own bookie and make my own bets, but I have just as much fun doing it this way. I don’t win any money.. but I don’t lose any either. My luck isn’t all that great and as soon as I started doing it, I’d lose. LOL

Other than my interest in life being completely on sports, I am focused on work, work and more work. Working my 14-15 hour days this week. I got my new jeans in yesterday and I have officially hit wearing a size 0. This was not a goal I was aiming for, its something I can thank health and medications for. As long as I can figure out a way to stop here I will be okay, otherwise come winter when the winds pick up I own’t be needing any plane tickets to get me on my trips out of state. HAHA. Could make for some cheaper vacations, I suppose. I don’t have time to worry about all of that. Right now there is too much NHL, NFL, MLB and all sorts of other 3 letter things in life that are FUN. 🙂 Life is what you make it and I prefer to not worry about what I can’t change. That is one of them right now.

Tonight.. Tonight, we have Cueto on the mound. I am not sure how I ever feel when he is up. He’s hit and miss. He’s good like he was in Game 5 against the Astros. Or you have him like he was in Game 3 against the Blue Jays. You just never know which Cueto you are going to see. DeGrom on the other hand stays pretty consistent. But, I always say that every pitcher that has a good streak, is bound to hit the wall and not to go after them when that happens.
You have Murphy who has also been hot at bat. Cespedes who is hitless off Cueto which will help Cueto. I have looked at a lot of things for tonight’s game. I think my bet is on the Met’s this evening though. So lets see which way we shall go. Yesterday I sat all day at a 60/40 leaning toward the Mets until the lineups came out and I changed my direction. Today, I didn’t have much of a further direction. It was a 50/50 and once the lineup was out, I still wasn’t swinging on the fence more one way or the other. I just have a feeling that based on the pitchers, the lineups, the odds against who’s who.. we shall see.


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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