When life hands me lemons..

  I ask for limes because they taste better in my Michalob Ultra. 

Thursday I went to the dentist for my follow up to my already $1200 visit to get my permanent crown and follow up cleaning. As they finish up they proceed to tell me that I had two more old fillings that need crowns. Looking at another $1600 in dental work out of pocket. As I sit talking to the manager of all the payment options of how I could get the work done. I wonder, when did the dentist office become like buying a freaking car!!

I finally told her I could do one That day and be able to pay the remainder I owed of $147 + one set of fees of $775. Had they not caught me 4 days before I was about to have to pay $750 in rent and $560 on my truck I could have done both. I asked her hpw they can look at people and expect that much. All she had to say was ” do you have a credit card, maybe? Someone that could help?”  I asked her if she would take my Rooms to Go card.. HA!  I was a little frusterated at this point as I kept telling her I would do one. “She came back, “If you do both and pay out the door, I can take off $100! That should help A LOT, don’t you think”

I just looked at her. Seriously?? She then says, what if you pay $800 today and I do a payment plan. I asked what that would be. She comes back and says, “Well, I dont do it over a period of moths. Id need some on the 1st and the rest on the 15th.” She continued to frusterate me more. 

I knew this had to be done sooner than later. Later would be bigger issues. Later would turn into needing root canals, more pain, more money, etc. but, once I got ride of her, I was able to work it all out. I go back in 3 weeks for this Temp crown to be permanent, at which I scheduled the 3rd one. 

So, as life tried to hand me lemons.. I left them behind, got some limes, and off I went. At first, I did get home feeling like everytime I start getting ahead something else happens, but then I look and tell myself the positive to it is that I can even do it right now.  The day before, I paid off a loan I was down to owing $179 on. when I got paid today, I paid off a low balance department store card of $40.  I am paying off other hospital bills and not letting them default. I have been paying a lawfurm for credit repair for alost 2 years now and working to repair my credit with over 20 medical bills and bad credit removed. 

It may take like this week did and long 68 hour weeks, but I am doing it and thats what matter snad with that, I pat myself on the back.  And I just continue to work on improving me. Mentally, emotionally, physically.. However.  

Today, I even went and got 3 and a half inches cut off my hair as my meds had it thinning so bad it wasnt even holding a ponytail hardly. Sef confidence makes a big difference. It was something I didnt know how to have before. The amount of compliments I get now, the people I draw is amazing in the difference. The type of people is astonishing. The people I surround myself with are exacty of just that. 


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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