Wednesday Night Rivalry: St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks

If you’re a fan of intense hockey games, you might want to park yourself in front of the TV tonight! I had full intention to write this earlier and I have been trying to wrie it for the past hour. But, then I had to get to Texas Roadhouse, followed by distractions at the bar watching TV, pause type.. Ect. 

It’s Wednesday night rivalry on NBCSN, and the network finally has it right for this one! The Chicago Blackhawks and the St. Louis Blues will square off at 7 pm tonight at the United Center. Being in the same Conference and Division, these two clubs go way back, with a lot of regular season games and playoff series history between them. Needless to say, they have quite the aversion to each other. There are certain teams in which the Hawks tend to ramp up their intensity. The St. Louis Blues are one of those teams.
St. Louis is here to try and do what the LA Kings did to them. But just 6 and a half minutes onto the game the goalie was pulled as the score came to 3-1, Blackhawks!.  Not quite the statement they were trying to make.
Some statistics for tonight: 

The Blues are currently 8-3-1, for 17 points, and second place in the Central Division. Whereas the Blackhawks are 7-5-0, for 14 points and sixth place in the division. Why does this game matter to the Blues if they are so far ahead in the standings? Because a win by the Blackhawks puts them only 1 point behind the Blues, and every point counts in this very competitive division, even this early on. But the real reason is because the Hawks knocked the Blues out of the playoffs in the 2013-14 Conference Quarterfinals. 

 It was a very physical and intense 6 game series, with the Hawks coming out on top 4 games to 2. Neither team is likely to forget that series any time soon.

So, that first part of the game has been intense and the commercial break is over and I have typed as fast as I can from my Ipone in between. The hawks are my #2 team, so.. go HAWKS!

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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