Tales from the ER

Tales from the ER:

…. Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, Nobody gonna slow me down.. Oh no… I’ve got to keep oh movin’…

This isn’t my first rodeo, two ER visits in a week.. SO last night I go back:
When you go in for a Pain shooting down your arm, Chest pains and day 16 of a Migraine..  They do all the tests to check you for heart issues, you end up as a Category 2 patient as your blood pressure is 141/89.
Get sent home when the pain cocktail of benedryl/stadol/compazine brings it down to 106/58 with a HR of 49 and told its nothing but a headache and just some general chest pain, and the arm pain is ‘just weird”.  You go in with the worry of a blood clot or other circulation causing this now arm pain/chest pain and could link the headache, too. But, the doctor states, “No, we see this all the time”
Then you get home to start reading the reports online.  Because, well, that is today’s technology.  The report then reads:
There is no focal consolidation, effusion, or pneumothorax. 1 cm nodular opacity projects over the left midlung. Cardiac silhouette is not enlarged. Osseous thorax is grossly intact.
No acute cardiopulmonary disease demonstrated.

1 cm nodular opacity projects over the left midlung which may represent summation artifact or pulmonary nodule. Consider CT”  Dr. Chris Bradberry

Already stating that he saw last year of a blood clot issue from previous hospital records, you wouldn’t think this would go ignored.  But, what do I know, I am not the doctor.  So, just like any ER, they send you home with Pain medications and tell you to follow up with your doctor in a few days.   Its a frustration to have been in pain this long, to have other issues arise and not know whats going on.  Much less to have even bigger fear of possible blood clots before you go in and to get home and find out yourself of things a hospital did not tell you.

I don’t go to the ER, when I do I always call my Dr. or a Dr. and they have to talk me in to going in the first place.  It gets even more discouraging to go when things like this happen.  At the same time its frustrating to be going through all of this that I am going through as long as I have. Its to the point the last few days I sit and just cry.  Saturday, I was so sick I couldn’t even get out of bed.  When I stood up, I would throw up.  I was called in Stadol, which is a nasal spray Morphine.  A little afraid to take it having watched a family member go through an addiction years back, and another thing that told me the ER doctor knew nothing as he told me it was a non addictive medication (google it) when he wanted to send me home with it and I refuse.  Said it was what they gave me while I was there anyhow.. and they did come to find out .  I spent the weekend with little relief. Tylenol 3 isn’t touching it either.

So, I continue to work like nothing’s got me down. I keep my humor and I move right along and today I will do what I need to and contact a pulmonary doctor, PCP and Neurologist. Fun stuff.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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