NCAA football

who’s ready for some Saturday Football!?

Before I finally decide to get a nap I decided I better shoot my buddy our picks for tomorrow do he can get them in. Just in case I decjde to be a normal human and sleep past sunrise.  Doubtful being as even at 70 hours, I am an hour whore and plan to work tomorrow, too.  But, want to do it early. Start a crockpot of chili to eat off for a few day, then enjoy some working from Missori.


Dana’s Saturday pics:

Michigan -3.5 Michigan win
FL Gator/FAU under 46.5 Gators Win
Iowa -3.5 Iowa Win
UNC under 56 UNC win
Houston -10 H win
TCU/OU – TCU and under 67
South Carolina Under 56.5
BYU/Fresno State BYU -26.5
Virginia/Duke Virgina Under 53.5
Rice/UTSA Under 57
Arizona/Arizona State-  Over 68.5
Clemson/Wake Forest- Wake Forest – Over 48

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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